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2021: July 3 - July 10

Are you all ready to immerse yourself in a life-changing experience? An energy-boosting adventure that will both purify your soul and elevate your spirit is awaiting, so no more second thoughts, embark with Mama Dalila & Nedra Ghariani Mahdi, for one marvelous trip aromatized with the lessons taught in “L’école de la vie” that our international lecturers will gladly share with you.

  • 8 days

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Activities Included

  • Accomodation
  • Transportation durin the trip
  • All activities mentionned in the program
  • Breakfast 12/12
  • Meals mentionned in the program
  • Yoga and meditation sessions
  • Life coaching courses with Mama dalila and Nedra ghariani Mahdid
  • Balinese dancing class
  • Cooking class
  • Attending "kecak dance" show ect..


  • International flight
  • Meals not mentionned

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Mama dalila and Nedra ghariani Mahdid

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Day 1

We will be gathering at Puri Taman Sari, a resort located in a Balinese village, nestled within the Eden of cocoa groves and vast rice fields and vibrating to the course of the three waterways snailing through it. Then we’ll be having a purification ritual, a Balinese monk will guide us on a spiritual healing session that will reconnect you with your inner self. After taking the time to calmly ruminate over the fusion of all the emotions that burst out, we will now officially welcome you through an opening ceremony around a lush dinner. Bon Appétit!

- COEX Mall and the Lotte World tower
Day 2

Starting with our morning yoga session with a Balinese yoga instructor, we have now set our energy to potently strike off through the day! After a revitalizing breakfast, we’ll have our first “école de la vie” course. Then we’ll be out to the rice fields to witness the process of rice preparation and plantation. Lunch will be an utter delight, we’ll take the time to take some rest afterward to then carry on with our activities: it’s now time for a Balinese dancing class coached by an expert Balinese dancer! So get ready to feel every inch of your body! And since we know this will probably whet your appetite, we got everything figured for you and prepared a luscious meal for you, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served!

Day 3

Still guided by our Balinese yoga instructor, we’ll follow up to yesterday’s yoga session with a second one, which will only make us experience our breakfast otherwise, have a much more spiritual connection with our food. Speaking of food, guess what he has planned for you next? A cooking class led by a Balinese chef! Trust us, your senses will thank you for this one because upon concluding the learning process, you’ll get to savor a succulent lunch! Then we’re on for some exploration, since we’re now visiting the Uluwatu temple and .. get ready for this, we’ll have a meditation session while the sun tenderly hugs the ocean that we would be looking at. Let us warn you, this sunset will be infused with magic! What’s coming next will get us fired-up, literally! Since we’ll get to behold a spectacular traditional “Kecak dance” show, more commonly known as THE DANCE OF FIRE given that the latter is the key element of this masterpiece. And then we’ll end the day with a party of flavors that will take place in your mouth for dinner.

Day 4

And here’s one final yoga session to complete the whole workshop with our Balinese yoga instructor, and as usual we’ll then have breakfast. Next will be an instructive class revolving around the making of Balinese offerings out of fruit and flowers and our creations will be presented to the “Dalem Tungkub” temple. A very spiritual experience is to be expected. We’ll then have an eye-opening “école de la vie” course followed up by a delish lunch. Let’s now head to Ubud, everybody! We’ll get a free night there.

Day 5

Let’s first start with a good breakfast to energetically move on with the rest of the day starting with a visit to the magical Taman Ayun temple, to then proceed with a wander amidst a monkey forest. Next, we’ll have a tour around the beauty of the Tegalalang rice fields, we could then take some time to take pictures on the so-loved Bali swing (extra) And to end the day on an intense note, we’re headed for a coffee-tasting experience, freshly brewed out of the local beans.

Day 6

After a mouthwatering breakfast, we’ll be having our usual “école de la vie” course. Only this time, we would like to allow you to spontaneously get to know Ubud, so it’s a free-day alert ! Go lose yourselves in the arms of the nirvana that is this town.

Day 7

Breakfast is included today as well. Now let’s get ready for this adventure: we’re going to TOYA DEVASYA! A divine wellness resort at the foot of the Batur mountain, loaded with pools, the spring waters of which pour directly in the Batur lake. We will be having an absolute revitalizing purge. We’re having lunch among the magic of this place today, to then follow it up by an “école de la vie” course. And we’ll be back to Ubud by evening to enjoy our free night.

Day 8

This last breakfast will be characterized by one particular flavor: gratefulness. The bittersweet will only get a dab more acute with the closing ceremony that Nedra and Mama Dalila have warmly prepared for you, plus, we can’t let you leave without this one last surprise: an EXCLUSIVE “école de la vie” course! One thing is sure: the end of this journey will be nothing less than magical.

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