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Discover Toubkal with Selsem


2021: July

This time there won’t be any 9 hours flight and tiring long distances since our destination happens to be quite close, and yet, the sensations we’re about to experience will take as very far away .. WE’RE GOING TO MOROCCO ! And one special bonus, we’re going with SelSem ! Ready to unravel the hidden secrets of this country, to climb its tallest mountain, and to explore it not as a tourist but rather a curious adventurer? Look no further, because during the whole trip you’ll be in the safe hands of a local guide who knows every way to Morocco’s heart and will gladly share the keys that will unlock the mystery!

  • 8 days

  • 12 - 15 spots

Activities Included

  • Accomodation
  • Transportation durin the trip
  • All activities mentionned
  • meals mentioned in the program

Other Inclusions

  • Climbing the Toubkal mountain
  • The waterfalls and the landscapes of Akchour
  • Gnawa street shows
  • The blue city Chefchaouen
  • The medinas of Morocco
  • Breakfast 8/8


  • International flight tickets
  • Meals not mentionned

Community Leader




Day 1 - Casablanca

Let us introduce you to THE starting point, we’ll be gathering here, welcomed by a mild breeze of a beautiful story that is about to be written. We will take the time to calmly lodge and get to know Morocco a bit more, and since this will be a free day, enjoy strolling Casablanca’s medina, having a delicious meal at one the Fish Souks restaurants and visiting the Hassan II Mosque, built partially on land and partially over the ocean ( therefore delivering a fascinating view ) and having the world’s tallest minaret. Bon Appétit !

Day 2 - Departure to Chafchaouen

Arrival time at around 1pm. Known as the blue pearl, it keeps tickling travellers’ curiosity from all over the world, and it’s the one and only Chafchaouen, or shall we say, the blue city ! And let us just warn you, it has got so much to show, tell and share : from the Andalusian architecture with its red tile roofs to its street shows and the Gnawa performances at the main square, to the unmissable “Beldi Bab Ssour” restaurant, and we can't forget about Ras El Ma spring, the only drinking water supply source to the city.. What can we say .. You’re just about to fall in love !

Day 3 - Departure to Akchour

Despite being a very tiny village, it’s often called the lost paradise, which makes Akchour one of the most prized destinations to every nature lover. We will have a long 10 Km hike amidst its outrageously stunning beauty ( beautiful way to get ready for our ascent, isn’t it ? We thought so ) One thing is certain, Akchour is about to charm you with its waterfalls, its vegetation and its fresh clean air.

Day 4 - Departure to Marrakech

Coming to Morocco and dare to miss the beautiful Marrakech ? No way ! We are therefore on our way there to spend the night, it may be a long road but it’s worth every kilometer ! Once arrived, we’ll be having a free night to rest and get ready for the remaining part of the adventure.

Day 5 - (27/03/2020) – Marrakech – Imlil

FREE MORNING ! So many things for us to do, the medinas, the beautiful typical gardens of the city ( To wit, the Majorelle Garden, Les Menara Gardens and the Secret Garden, all being pure havens of peace ) and of course, the Behia Palace ! Good luck choosing! Because we’re going to Imlil in the evening.

Day 6 -Starting the Toubkal Ascent

And let the Toubkalian adventure begin ! Little random fact : did you know that the Toubkal mountain is the highest peak in North Africa with an altitude of 4167m? And we will climb them all, each one of its 4167 meters ! The Atlas views will be an absolute delight, the more you climb the more exciting it gets ! We will spend the night in the heartwarming intimacy of a hut, and will gather around a good old traditional dinner, the memories that we had just created on that very day will come rushing in, generating lots of genuine laughter and gratefulness for such an experience.

Day 7 -Toubkal

We’re far from done ! And we are back on the road towards the peak of Toubkal ! We’ll carry on with our ascent until we get there and savour the ultimate pleasure of making it to the very top and the pride of looking back at the long path that has led us here ! Can you feel the shivers already ? Today’s motto will thus probably be : “ Surrender to the greatness of mother nature, and breathe in deeply ...

Day 8 - Departure to Marrakech

Our beautiful adventure is now coming to an end, but for those of you whose curiosity is still thirsty for more, you can stay in Marrakech, as for us, we would be heading to Casablanca for the return flight.

485 euros