Discover the beauty of the phillippines with selsem Nature & Adventure


2020: FEB 16 - FEB 26

Philippines was an absolute blast ! We had a wonderful time diving between the marine life and corals of Pescador Island. Canyoneering in Badian was such a fun experience. And our eyes relished the view of the entire island from the top of the Osmena Peak! But wait till you hear what we did next: We went snorkeling with Whale sharks ! We still get excited at the mere thought of it ! Besides, there were all sorts of beautiful sceneries that left us in awe, from the Turnalog Falls, the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Sanctuary, to the Laboc River and the Sipatan river. And even more flavour was added thanks to the paddle tour and the island hopping whilst enjoying the lagoons, the beaches, and the pristine natural panoramas. We went back home packed with unforgettable memories and a bursting sense of gratefulness to mother earth.

  • 10 days

  • 10 - 20 spots