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Siri Lanka

2021: July

I am are so thrilled to invite you to join me to travel through another dimension, where we would forget about time and surrender to the surprises, and trust me, it is going to be quite huge, despite how tiny our destination may be. Sri Lanka, here we come ! Hop on if you’re anything like us : adventurous, passionate, and open for what life has to offer, and stop procrastinating, because this one is not to be missed! Plus it will be a backpacking-like trip, alternating between hiking, trekking, abseiling, jeep safari riding, rafting and swimming ! And the fun is only getting more and more intense ..

  • 11 days

  • 10 - 20 spots

Activities Included

  • Accomodation
  • Transportation durin the trip
  • All activities mentionned
  • Breakfast
  • Meals not mentionned in the program


  • International flight
  • Meals not mentionned

Community leader




Day 1 - Negombo

Gathering at Negombo, a city that’s 5 kilometers away from the Colombian international airport. We’ll take time to rest from the long flight and to go over the program details together so that nothing is left unclear.

Day 2 - Negombo & Kitulgala

Our stomachs are now happy with the delicious breakfast we just had, we’re now ready to go to Kitulgala, a lovely green village and, as soon as we’re done with the check-in, we’ll be on our way for some white river rafting ! Youha ! The adrenalin rush will be a delight ! And to calmly end the day after the previous rollercoaster of emotions, we’ll be back to the hotel to get some rest and have a well-deserved relaxation time.

Day 3 - Abseiling at Kitulgala and departure to Nallathanniya

We’re still in Kitulgala, only this time we’ll be on a mission: exploring The Sandun waterfalls in order to do what.. *drum roll* ABSEILING ! But not any kind of abseiling, this one will be done down the stunning waterfalls that are more than 30 m long ! If you’re enjoying the freshness and the thrill from the waterfall shower we just took .. Ho ho ! Then what to say about the feeling you’ll get from being suspended in the air ! Oh my .. Come on now, time to go to Nallathanniya, once we arrive we’ll calmly take the time to do our check-in and take some rest.

Day 4- Ascent of Adam’s Peak and transport to Nuwara Eliya

We’re waking up very early today ( at 2am, yes VERY early, but wait till you read the rest ) because we’re starting our .. ADAM’S PEAK ASCENT ! A 2243 m-long-conical mountain, Adam’s peak is a very sacred place for the shaivites hindus, the buddhists and the muslims. And that is due to the Sri Pada, a giant footprint carved in a rock near the summit. Adam’s Peak is the only place in the world where there are as many pilgrims from as different confessions, all reunited in one single spot. For over a millenary, no matter whose footprint it is, this mountain is so holy it never fails to give a divine spirituality to your hikes. Once we get back to the bottom, we’ll get to the hostel to get some rest and retrospect to everything we had the chance to experience. In the evening, we’ll go to Nuwara Eliya, but we’ll take some time to stop along the way to admire the Devon falls, the St. Clare falls, the plantations and the tea fabric. And then, as usual, check-in at the hotel. Breathe in the freshness.

Day 5 - Nuwara Eliya City tour & train to Ella

Delicious breakfast ? Check ! Now we’re on for a city tour to visit Victoria Park and Gregory’s Lake ( on a scale from 1 to 10 of fun, we’d give it a fair 11 ). Then comes the evening, we’ll start out by taking a train .. I mean, THE train ! The famous train that goes from Nuwara Eliya to Ella offering an absolute gemstone for the eyes to goggle at. Rated as the world’s most beautiful train trip, the scenery you’re about to experience is simply unreal, from the jungle vegetation, to the lush rice fields, to the thin blanket of mist hugging the mountaintops, to the tiny beautiful villages greeting you with the sight of the local kids running along the train tracks combined with the rawness of the everyday life scenes we’ll encounter. A glassful of both the sweetness of nature and the rich flavours of culture, will marinate this memory with relish making it exclusively unforgettable. Once arrived to Ella, we’ll spend a peaceful night in our motel.

Day 6 - Ella City Tour

Tour Today we will visit the “Nine Arch Bridge”. Suspended in the midst of the forest, almost kissing the clouds, this bridge stands on 9 massive arches giving it an artistic colonial touch. Once we get to the evening, we’ll start the ascent of Adam’s Peak, a rather light hike on a path winding meadows, tea plantations and breathtaking waterfalls. And we’ll be back to Ella for the night.

Day 7 – Ella & Udawalawe

We’re hearing Cat Stevens singing : “Morning has broken ..” as we wake up to savour a delicious breakfast, and run to the Udawalawe national park ! We’ll take the time to make a little stop at the Ravana waterfalls along the way because they’re definitely not to miss! And do you know what we have got planned for you for the evening ? It’s JEEP SAFARI time ladies and gentlemen ! Oh you know, just a bunch of elephants roving around, some buffaloes and crocodiles here and there, and groups of deer and leopards in their natural habitat, and us rambling around .. no big deal ! The Udawalawe national park is a little fraction of Africa’s savannas, only this one is hidden in Asia. And we chose it among all the others in Sri Lanka because animals are the most respected and well-treated there. So the only question left is, are you ready to see wilderness at its purest ? And as usual, after such a unique experience, we’ll be back for the night at out hostel.

Day 8 – Mirissa

Sunshine will gently caress your skin as it whispers a tender “good morning”, what better way to get ready to go to Mirissa? Exactly, none. Mirissa is mainly a seaside region, known for its long beaches of sugary white sand, for its lagoons and its coconut trees. A parcel of heaven! So lie down, and help yourself with some sunbathing, some surfing and with the peacefulness of a lazy beach day. The night will be spent at the Mirissa hostel we chose for you.

Day 9 - Mirissa photo tour

Ever wondered about how it would feel like to go to heaven for a photo tour ? Today will serve as an answer since we’re taking you to visit two locations you can’t dare to miss while in Mirissa : First we have the Coconut Tree Hill and then The Dalawella Beach Swing ! Ho ho you’re going to love this ! As for the evening, we’ll go to the Sea Turtle Farm and get the chance to see the way this organization is protecting and taking care of baby turtles before resetting them free.

Day 10 - Galle City Tour

Before going back to Colombo, we’ll have one last stop at Galle, an authentic old coastal town built by the European settlers. Its characteristic dutch houses, its huge imposing fort, and its beautiful alleys, all make Galle the little architectural gem it is and an indispensable destination to add to our list of must-sees. Last part of the day will be having a welcome dance as we arrive to Colombo, quick check-in and we’ll be spending a serene night at our hostel.

Day 11 - The end of this adventure

The end of this adventure Our adventure has unfortunately come to an end, and we’ll be gathered giving goodbye hugs to each other, as we reminisce about every detail of this chapter that we’ve written together. Now you know what it’s like to believe in magic ! And until the next time we see you, here’s a glass of genuine gratefulness, cheers!


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