Hakuna Matata, Tanzania Safari & ZanzibarNature & Adventure

Mak and cha

2019 - 20: DEC 22 - JUN 02

The Hakuna Matata spirit took us to the nooks of Mama Africa for this getaway ! And it was one hell of an adventure !
First we were in Tanzania, feeling lucky to spend a whole day with the Maasai tribe and sleep in their traditional houses whilst learning about their cultures and incredible stories.
Plus, we made a bike tour around the locals villages and therefore got a panoramic view over the scenery of Arusha!
“Onto a safari in the biggest park in Tanzania : The Serengeti National Park” we shouted, all excited to observe the hundreds of animals including the big five and to camp in the heart of the savannas, which we all did.
Ngorongoro Crater was also on our list, and we got to behold animals in their most natural habitat.
The Hadzabe tribe experience was one of a kind ! They are an indigenous ethnic group of nomads who gladly accepted we spend the day with them roaming around their lifestyle and traditions.
And last but not the least, we flew to Zanzibar and went exploring the UNESCO World Heritage: Stone Town, its capital, and celebrating the new year on a beach party hostel. From the richness of its historical sites to the charm of its islands and beaches, we were nothing less than conquered !

  • 10 days

  • 12 - 24 spots

Activities Included

  • Accomodation
  • Transportation durin the trip
  • All activities mentionned
  • Breakfast 11/11
  • Meals mentionned in the program


  • International flight
  • Meals not mentionned

Community leader

Mak and Cha