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The ultimate South West Coast USA Road Trip Nature & Adventure


2021: AUG 16 - AUG 29

This one will be a summer trip, but, BUT, not any summer trip ! Disclaimer: first surprise is about to be released in 3, 2, 1.. We’ll be roaming around with our 5 CAMPING CARS ! Yes you heard that right ! We decided to do it the hippie dippie style, so hop on because we’re going to NORTH AMERICA ! So for all our road trip lovers out there, this one is for you ( bring your best playlists and get ready for a good amount of driving ) Feeling the hype already Jessica ? ( Had to call Jessica for rhyming purposes, now you can go Jess, because it’s now time to reveal the trip destinations )

  • 14 days

  • 15 - 25 spots

Activities Included

  • Accomodation and transport in camping cars.
  • Entrance fees to all the national parks mentioned.
  • Camping cars with unlimited Km package
  • RV Park fees
  • Hotel in San Francisco first night and last night of the trip
  • All activities mentioned ( trek , tours , etc.. )


  • International flight
  • Meals not mentionned
  • Petrol fees
  • deposit fees

Community leader

Mak and Cha



Day 1

San Francisco, here we come ! Once we all gather, we will take time to calmly lodge and have a little briefing about the program details. If our trippers are not too tired from the flight, we could eventually go for a little explorative tour and the possibilities of what we can do are endless ! Want to experience the immensity of the Golden Gate Bridge ? Or maybe you’d feel like routing the music through your body and dance to the rhythms of the SoMa neighborhood? And would you want to miss Castro District’s colors, I think not ! Oh and we could even travel without having to move from San Francisco, by going to the oldest and 2nd largest Chinatown in North America, how cool is that? San Francisco -> Yosemite ( 269km , 4h25)

Day 2

We’re now going to have to say goodbye to San Francisco, hop in our camping cars and head east to Yosemite ! Never heard of Yosemite? Well it’s just one of the three top ranked parks in the USA, no big deal.. (and let me just warn you, you’re going to be mesmerized !) A beautiful night under the stars is to be expected, it’s chilling time everybody ! We will be having our barbecue, and get our guitars ready for a campfire gathering !

Day 3

Since nature is pretty bountiful, it’s inviting us over for another day to spend in Yosemite, and given the fact that one day is far from enough, we’re staying a bit longer, and your feet are going to love it because it will be all about hiking ! And from what I know, nature there is VERY generous! We’ll spend today around breathtaking lakes, waterfalls and mountains.. Wait, I need to refocus , I’m getting a bit dreamy, our minds are apparently already on their way there !

Day 4

Last day in Yosemite, we will therefore make sure to make the best out of its valleys, giant sequoias, and its immense meadows and enjoy this token of tranquility of High Sierra. One thing is certain, this is going to be a purge that you won’t be ready to forget, since we’ll be yielding to the healing power of nature! Yosemite -> Mammoth Lake ( 65km , 45min )

Day 5

We know this won’t be easy but we’re now going to have to leave Yosemite, The beauty of Mammoth lake has been expecting us and we wouldn’t want to miss it ! Whether it’s a swim in its hot springs, or a hike around its electrifying scenery, you know us, we don’t like to force things and be rushing to merely stick to a plan, travelling is also about giving up to the unexpected, so yes we’ll be taking you somewhere gorgeous, but no, we wouldn’t say no to any token of beauty that will tickle our interest, this being said, let’s sail by towards day 6. Mammoth lake -> Las Vegas ( 495km , 5h05 )

Day 6

And now onto a different kind of wildness, not as much nature included but definitely lots of fun because we’re now heading towards.. drum roll.. it’s the one and only LAS VEGAS ladies and gentlemen and from Bellagio water show, to the Fremont street experience to the shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate Hotel Casino restaurant that’s been a Vegas favourite for over 50 years to the downtown Vegas tour, you’re going to fall in love with everything this city has to offer! Las Vegas -> Zion ( 258km , 2h45 )

Day 7

Zion here we come ! Ever heard of Zion ? We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that on its land you’ll be flying ! ( How’s my rhyming game going so far ? ) So many places for us to savour, from the Emerald pools trail to the Narrows or the canyon overlook trail, one thing I will tell you is that the sensations you’re about to experience will be carved within you ! Zion -> Horseshoe Bend ( 173km , 1h50 )

Day 8

It’s called Horseshoe Bend and that is exactly where we’re going ! This place will make us feel so small amidst its vastitude but one other sure thing we’ll be feeling is .. Do you know that moment when you stop for a second and feel so very alive, deeply rooted to the place you’re standing at, and get submerged by an overwhelming wave of gratefulness ? That is exactly what Horseshoe Bend is promising. So get ready because it’s about to get intense. We will take you on a beautiful journey towards one of the most fascinating landscapes to be in Arizona : we welcome on stage the Glen Canyon, Lake Powell ! Enjoy the show !

Day 9

Horseshoe Bend, we’re still not done with you ! And how can we when we still have so much treasures for us to collect in our Memories magical box? Just before twilight, we would be stargazing from the rim of Horseshoe Bend, the sky will “shine on you crazy diamond” would Pink Floyd say and I couldn’t agree more. And then onto THE show, sun will start rising, revealing the absolutely fascinating landscape. And OH MY, how magical is this going to be ! As for the rest of the day, we’ll be visiting one of every photographer's dream destination : The Antelope Canyon and we’ll let the experience speak for itself. Horseshoe Bend -> Grand Canyon ( 216km , 2h25 )

Day 10

And now it’s Grand Canyon’s turn ! And we are about to get lost in the loving arms of nature ! Stretching 277 miles from end to end, there is plenty for us to see ! And speaking of seeing gorgeously gorgeousness, guess where we’d be watching the sunset ? It’s a nirvana called the Mohave Point, and it will undeniably mark a point against your wildest expectations!

Day 11

And now it’s Grand Canyon’s turn ! And we are about to get lost in the loving arms of nature ! Stretching 277 miles from end to end, there is plenty for us to see ! And speaking of seeing gorgeously gorgeousness, guess where we’d be watching the sunset ? It’s a nirvana called the Mohave Point, and it will undeniably mark a point against your wildest expectations!

Day 12

And I hear Ac/Dc singing : “I’m on my hiiigh way to..” but we’ll have to disagree on the “hell” part as it’s a heavenly Kingman that we are now visiting, and Kingman equals to.. did you guess ? It’s the one and only, ROAD 66 ! And what NOT to do on this historical famous highway that has inspired so many artists, to wit, Chuck Berry, Glenn Frey, the Rolling Stones, Them, Dr. Feelgood, the Manhattan Transfer, Depeche Mode,Orchestra, Pappo, The Cramps, John Mayer, George Benson and so many others, do you hear them singing Get your kicks on Route 66 ? Well you will on this very day ! Kingman -> Santa Barbara ( 655km , 6h30 )

Day 13

We’re now heading to Santa Barbara, which means calming scent of the ocean, refreshing air, sunrays gently kissing your skin, wine and cupcakes tours, kayaking and so much more but we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise ! Santa Barbara -> San Francisco ( 525km ,5h55 )

Day 14

And here comes the day that we were all trying to neglect.. We’re going back to San Francisco in order to get ready to get back home, but hey what a beautiful way to end this journey, you’ll be loaded with unforgettable memories to bring home with you. And one last thing you’ll be deeply thankful for, is the reminder of how this life has so much to offer, if we only open up to what it has to give and take time to notice !

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